Spy Shots: New MG6 Testing In China

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The very first Spy Shots of the new MG6 for China, scheduled for launch on the Chinese auto market in the second half of the year. The new MG6 will be a traditional sedan instead of a fastback. It will be based on the same platform as the Roewe i6, and it will also use the same engines and have the same interior.

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The current MG6, always a slow seller despite its speedy looks. Price starts at 119.800 yuan and ends at 181.800 yuan. Engines: 133hp 1.8 and a 160jp 1.8 turbo.

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The Roewe i6. The base model has just been launched. Price ranges from 89.800 to 143.800 yuan. Lone engine is a 1.5 turbo with 169hp. A 3-cylinder 1.0 turbo and a hybrid will be added to the lineup later.

The new MG6 will get exactly the same engines.

A much more pronounced front than on the current car.

It is a sedan now. Somebody wrote “Never say never” on the rear window. What is that supposed to mean…?

Interior = Roewe i6; and this test car even has the Roewe badge still on the wheel!

It is a great looking interior but a little bit more differentiation would have been better.

The real Roewe i6 for comparison.

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    • because SAIC do not care about the export markets. if they had any interest in it, they would rebadge the roewe’s as MG’s and sell them all over the world as the latest Roewe products look amazing aside from the i6 which i dont like the styling of personally

      • Your comment makes no sense Tom this car is indeed an MG badged Roewe, so what you are suggesting that SAIC should be doing is exactly what they are and have been doing for a number of years specifically for markets outside of China.

        • I am from the UK and we have had a grand total of 3 cars released by SAIC here (MG 6, MG 3 & GS). Its terrible considering the cars China has. Considering MG is a British brand they really show no interest in our market at all. They recently stopped the production of the MG 6 for the UK and we only have the MG 3 and GS in production for the UK, both of which only have one engine and both aren’t really suited for the UK. The MG 3 has a really good chassis and is actually better than the previous MG ZR but the MG 3 has has an absolutely boring 1.5L engine with 105PS (except for a minor development for the cars released after 2016 which made emissions better) since the car was released. The UK market demands a more powerful engine for the MG 3 and they would sell loads if they did. We only have the 1.5L GM engine in the GS and the markets in the UK either demand more power which the 2.0L engine available in the GS in China would be perfect for or a diesel which isnt available. We never got the MG 5 or MG 7 and cars like the MG GT, Roewe 350, Roewe 550, Roewe RX-5 have never been sold here. Thats why i say we need the Roewe range in the UK and sticking a MG badge on the Roewe range is the way to do it


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