This Is Not A Range Rover Evoque In China

This Is Not A Range Rover Evoque In China

It has the Range Rover name on the bonnet, a Range Rover grille, a Land Rover badge, and it looks like a Range Rover Evoque. But it isn’t. This instead is a Landwind X7, a clone of the Evoque, fitted with fake badges and painted in a classy light gold.

Sets of fake badges are readily available in China and are sometimes handily sold by Landwind dealers, so you don’t need to go to a crappy repair shop.

The interior is a bit messy. It has a Land Rover badge on the steering wheel but it also has after-market Landwind badges on the center tunnel and on dash’ top. How to explain that to the girlfriend?

The X7 launched in 2015 and has been a great success, even selling in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai where buyers didn’t even look at the perceived-to-be rural Landwind brand before the X7 arrived. I found this Range Rover’ed example on a street not far from my home the east of the capital.

It is really not an Evoque.

Current price start at 129.800 yuan and ends at 147.800 yuan. Power comes from a Mitsubishi sourced 2.0 turbo with 190 horses and 250nm, the engine is mated to an eight-speed automatic.

Strangely there were no Land Rover badges on the wheels. Normally they come with the set.

More Range Rover at the rare, even with a sporty…

… red Evoque badge!

The 2.0T badge is an original Landwind badge. The owner likely decided to leave it on because the China-made Range Rover Evoque also has a 2.0 turbo under the bonnet, albeit with 241 horses.

Gold really looks good on those Rovers.

2 thoughts on “This Is Not A Range Rover Evoque In China”

  1. How to explain that to the girlfriend?

    Haha, girlfriend must have a coat with a
    “I AM NOT PERFECT BUT I AM VMITED EDITION” on its back 🙂 No matter what is written there, if it is in Latin characters

  2. why do chinese have no sense of dignity with design? blatant rip off of a famous design, get some pride and stop stealing designs from everyone. pathetic, really pathetic

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