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Random Spots Of Cars And Some Other Things Episode 3

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Welcome to Random Spots Of Cars And Some Other Things Episode 3. Starting hot with a beautiful Dongfeng-Nissan EQ7200-III. All the other 99,999,999,999.9 cars they made were black. This one is white. Ultra rare but looking very good.

A clean black E36 BMW 728iL. These big German barges used to be common on the road in Beijing until about 3 years ago. Now they are dying by the boatload thanks to the environmental regulations. They just scrap ‘m like they are Haima’s!

A ‘Doll’ branded Chinese Lego set I found on a market. I bought it. Cool set, depicting a World War II scene with an American Jeep sucked in the mud. Weapons are really bad ass.

An imported 3-door Mitsubishi Pajero V6. Very rare in China. Sadly it appeared to be abandoned.

A giant toy gun shaped like a dragon. Shoots plastic knives! It also makes sound and it has light effects. I will buy it when my youngest it a bit older.

A wondrous white China-made Toyota Crown. Copy-paste: ll the other 99,999,999,999.9 cars they made were black. Ultra rare but looking very good.

A Barbie-branded pink car with a hot blonde bimbo inside. I like the blue wheels.

Lazy spot from my balcony: a white Ferrari F12berlinetta with matte gray wheels and yellow brakes.

The classic badge of the Flying Pigeon bicycle brand. Brilliantly crafted, looking absolutely stunning. The Flying Pigeon brand survives until today, but the badge is just a cheap sticker now.

A very innovative way to add more luggage space to your electric scooter. This man deserves a patent.

Showing the flag in an electric pickup tricycle.

Fake exhaust pipe on an electric scooter.

A near-mint Xiali TJ7131 L. Yup!, that’s a long-wheelbase hatchback.

A neat Hongqi CA7180A2E.

Choices oh choices. Red Wine & Sprite or White Wine & Sprite? After ten glasses I didn’t taste the difference anymore. Cheers!

More Random Spots Of Cars And Some Other Things soon.

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