The Qiantu K50 Electric Supercar Is Ready For The Chinese Car Market

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Qiantu K50 Electric Supercar

This is the final and full production version of the Qiantu K50 electric supercar from China. It will be launched on the Chinese car market on August 8.

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The Qiantu K50 is manufactured by Qiantu Motor, a company owned by CH Auto, a Beijing based automotive technology company. The factory is located in Suzhou in Jiangsu Province.

The K50 has been under development for many years. We saw the first concept all the way back in 2014. Over the years the K50 has been updated a many times, especially inside, but the basic design remained unchanged.

Power comes from two electric motors, one over the front axle and one over the rear axle. Each motor delivers 190 hp and 290 Nm. There is a boost-function that pushes up these numbers to 218 hp and 340 Nm.

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Qiantu Motor claims a total output of 435 hp and 680 Nm, but that seems to be the boost-number. In normal mode, output should be 380 hp and 580 Nm.

Even more confusing; according to official government specifications, provided by Qiantu Motor, the output of each electric motor is 188 hp, for a combined 376.

So what it is..? In any way, the company claims a top speed of 200 km/h and a 0-100 in 4.6 seconds. Range is 380 kilometers using the NEDC standard. The company also claims a 510 kilometer range for a “constant speed”, without saying what this speed is. Many Chinese EV-makers use a 60 km/h speed for this constant speed measurement.

Size: 4634/2069/1253, and wheelbase is 2650. Curb weight is 1960 kilo. All the body panels are made of carbon fiber.

Price is yet unknown. Earlier on the company said it would cost around 750.000 yuan. New reports however indicate it will be closer to a million.

The interior looks great with a gigantic 15.6 inch touch screen and a free-standing digital instrument panel. The seats mix leather with alcantara, and the steering wheel has a sporty flat bottom.

The Qiantu logo on the steering wheel.

Main screen seems super sharp with a great graphic of the car.

Vehicle-settings menu.

Drive selector.

The huge cup holders are clearly marked with a shiny gray panel.

The Qiantu K50 looks well-put together and power is impressive. They should be able to sell at least a few hundred of these a year. There is a lot of buzz about the company at the moment; even though they are an old-timer compared to the recent wave of fancy-pansy ‘startups’.

Great to see Qiantu Motor finally brought it to the market. May they succeed.

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  1. I still can’t get over how hideous this thing looks. The designers just threw the proportions rulebook right out the window when they created this monstrosity. They should hire Pininfarina next time. At least they know one thing or two about designing sports cars.

      • …20 years ago.And they also designed some of the best looking cars ever made (Ferrari F40, Daytona, Alfa Romeo Spider, Peugeot 406 coupe, the list goes on…)
        So i’m willing to overlook one bad example.
        Plus, it was a minivan. The “designers” responsible for the abomination above were supposed to design a supercar. How do you f*ck that up?

        • Someone has been triggered 😉 Looks are subjective and I happen to like it so… agree to disagree? 🙂 (psst – Rolls-Royce Camargue)


            I just responded to your reply and argued my point, mate. You’re the one being cringy here.

  2. Omg, those two tablet PCs were just attached to the front panel ?
    The guy who made the leather wrapping for the steering wheel should change his job and make sausages instead.
    The little window behind the B pillar looks totally displaced.

    Front is acceptable, depending on taste…


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