Skyworth, the most confusing EV brand, reveals the price of its first ET5 model

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Skyworth is a new Chinese brand launched by Skywell Automobile (Tianmei in Chinese) in April 2021. Skywell Automobile is a new Chinese EV brand launched in 2019. Their English slogan was: “Skywell: All is Well.”

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To make it a bit confusing, the largest shareholder of Skywell is China’s Shenzhen-based electronics giant Skyworth Group. Another major shareholder is Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus, a large bus maker established in 2000, and this company is also the manufacturer of the Skywell-branded cars.

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To make matters even a bit more confusing, Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus also runs a brand named Skywell, but the Chinese names are different ( 天美 / 开沃, Tianmei/Kaiwo).

What basically happened last month was that Skyworth wanted to unify its branding and transferred Skyworth trademarks into Skywell Automobile (Tianmei) so they were able to rebrand and not be confused with the Skywell bus division (Kaiwo). It hints Skyworth is preparing for expansion outside China with its new EVs.

Skyworth Group manufactured electronics since 1988.

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Also, it wouldn’t be Skyworth if they would make their first EV name uncomplicated. So to make sure things won’t be that easy, they named it ET5 – the same name as the upcoming ET5 concept sedan from Nio.
As car journalist Mark Adrewes once said, “it takes far less time to forget this car than to charge it.” Skyworth probably took a tactic to confuse us so much that it won’t be easy for us to forget them. Well, so far, it works.

Yesterday they unveiled official prices for its first ET5  so let’s have a look at it.

Skyworth ET5 price starts at 152,800 yuan (23 000 USD), and that is not expensive for an electric SUV of this size and kind. It is reported that there will be 5 models, with a price range of 152,800 to 198,800 yuan.

Skyworth ET5 has remained the overall appearance from its predecessor, Skywell (Tianmei) ET5, and the same V-shaped logo on the grille. However, the rear emblem has been changed to Skyworth ET5. Also, the emblem in the rear taillight bar has been changed to the brand’s English name Skyworth.

Skyworth ET5

The new series has also remained the overall interior design from Skywell’s ET5, except that the emblem on the steering wheel is changed to Skyworth. Basically, it’s the same car, just with some logo changes.

The EV5 car will be equipped with a Skyworth self-developed Skylink intelligent network connection system. It integrates Skyworth’s digital ecology, APP intelligent control, AI voice interaction, and other functions to realize car-home ecology integration. There are also PM2.5 high-efficiency air-conditioning filters, negative ion air purifiers, high-temperature circulation disinfection systems, L2.5 automatic driving assistance systems. Skyworth Group supplies all infotainment.

Skyworth ET5

Skyworth ET5

Skyworth’s ET5 comes in single-motor with a maximum power of 150kW (204 hp) and a peak torque of 320Nm. The models are divided into two cruising ranges, with different battery setups. The models with 410 km NEDC are equipped with 55.33kWh ternary lithium battery; the models with 520 km NEDC are equipped with 71.98kWh ternary lithium battery. The cruising range calculated as part of the NEDC European driving cycle reaches 500 km.

The design is great but not overly exciting. The light bar at the rear is quite nice. Size is 4698/1908/1696, 2800.

Skyworth group was established in 1988 in Shenzhen and is a major player in manufacturing television and set-top boxes. One of their subsidiaries is a manufacturer of in-car Av technology since 1996.

Skyworth ET5

Source: Xcar

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  1. This electric car boom is starting to feel like the China in the late 90s/early 2000s as far as brand proliferation goes.

    • I have the same feeling. Also very similar to the smartphone boom in 2010.. I guess we will see lots of painful bankruptcies in about 5 years.

  2. This car has no active battery cooling thermo regulation.. without thermo regulation cooling (liquid cooling) it can not use fast charging too often or it will overheat. Very bas for long road trip. Same problem as nissan leaf.

    Passive battery air cooling is very primitive..


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