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Troubles of Chinese new energy vehicle owners: charging is difficult!

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China’s national day has just ended. (China’s national day is on October 1, but the celebrations last until October 7)

For many people, this festive period is a perfect opportunity for a family trip. However, for many of the Chinese new energy vehicle owners, this wasn’t a smooth ride. The problem was finding a free charging because there are too many new energy vehicles waiting to be charged!

On Weibo, China’s largest social media platform (Weibo can be roughly understood as Chinese equivalent of Twitter), two topics started trending: #newenergyvehicles lined up at high-speed charging for up to #4hours or even #8hours.

The reading volume of the former topic reached 64.895 million, and the reading volume of the latter topic reached 110 million. By the way, the host of the latter topic is CCTV (China Central Television).

It is no coincidence that Chinese new energy vehicle owners keep complaining that there is no place to charge. The fact is that this problem continues to haunt them.

The Number of EVs and Charging Points is Soaring

At the 2021 World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference, Liu Zhao, Vice Minister of the Ministry of public security, introduced that the number of new energy vehicles in China reached 6.78 million, and 1.87 million have been newly registered since this year, accounting for 9.2% of the total number of newly registered vehicles.

Correspondingly, what is the number of charging points in China?

Xu Haidong, deputy chief engineer of China Association Of Automobile Manufacturers, said in an interview with China Times: “at present, China’s charging infrastructure has reached 2 million stations, while the number of new energy cars on the road is about 6 million. This means that the proportion of vehicle versus charging point has reached 3:1. That’s actually the highest in the world.”

According to the operation data of charging pile in August released by EVCIPA. By August 2021, member units of the alliance had reported 985,000 public charging points, including 399,000 DC charging points, 586,000 AC charging points and 414 AC / DC integrated charging points. The cumulative number of charging stations in China was 2.105 million, a year-on-year increase of 52.3%.(EVCIPA is an industry association of the charging industry. Its members include China Association of automobile manufacturers, China State Grid Corporation, Tsinghua University, China First Automobile Group Corporation, BYD, ZTE, etc)

It can be seen from the above data that although China has a huge number of charging points, it still can not meet the charging demand of existing new energy vehicles. Therefore, there is a phenomenon of new energy vehicles queuing at the peak of holidays.

High-speed Charging Struggles to Keep Up on Holidays

CPCA has also paid attention to this issue. In their article “[Weekly Analysis] Auto Market Scanning (September 26-September 30, 2021)” published on October 11, CPCA believes that China’s high-speed charging network needs to keep pace with the times.

CPCA said that when charging cars in high-speed service areas during China’s National Day holiday, the phenomenon of charging and queuing time spent more than 5 hours on the media hot search, this shows that the penetration rate of China’s new energy vehicles is increasing rapidly, but the shortcomings are prominent.

The solution to the problem should be diversified solutions such as improving the endurance of mainstream models, improving the charging capacity of charging piles, and introducing charging shunt guidance.

In addition, due to the low utilization rate of charging stations in high-speed service areas, it is necessary to inspire other charging providers to build charging points at high speed routes. At the same time, it is necessary to utilize the Internet charging platform and increase the support of the expressway charging sharing system.

Therefore, carnewschina’s view is that we should not only focus on how many new energy vehicles have been sold, but also pay attention to whether the development of the upstream and downstream of the new energy vehicle industry chain is sufficient, otherwise there will be a series of unsolvable problems and more and more complaints, which is unfavorable to the development of new energy vehicles.

But now that the problem has arisen, the only solution is to build enough charging points. Hope Chinese new energy owners will not have to queue up to charge in the future.

source:EVCIPA Official WeChat official account



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  1. Same problem in my house today….. too many toothbrushes, and only one charger.
    But, we’ve got one advantage when compared with EV owners….., our charger is wireless. 🙂


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