Premium EVs From Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Outsold by Unknown Chinese Underdog

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The little know car from Chinese automaker Human Horizons – the HiPhi X is rocking the premium EV segment in China, outselling legacy premium brands. The delivery numbers for March 2022 demonstrate it as HiPhi X sold double more cars than Porsche Taycan and triple more than BMW iX or Mercedes EQS. It seems the legacy brands like BMW, and Mercedes-Benz hardly catch up with the Chinese underdog.

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Talking numbers, Human Horizons sold 459 HiPhi X in March, while Mercedes is second with 364 units of EQC and fifth with 141 EQS premium sedans. Chinese patriotic brand Hongqi sold 281 of its E-HS9 limousines and the rest of the cart belongs to German automakers.

HiPhi X (on the left) and Hongqi E-HS9 (on the right)

As we see in the chart, the premium EV segment priced at more than 500,000 RMB (78,390 USD) is occupied by Chinese vehicles HiPhi X and Hongqi E-HS9. They cut to get into the top three in March 2022. The only premium legacy brand to enter the top three is Mercedes-Benz with the EQC. Other representatives of this segment are Porsche Taycan, Mercedes-Benz EQS, BMW iX, and Audi e-tron.

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The main question is why some legacy premium brand EVs are doing so poorly in China? It disrupts the fundamental principle of the market, where legacy brands are always more desirable than local ones. Previously, a foreign premium brand was always associated with quality and prestige. It is still relevant to the premium gas cars segment, but not for EVs.

Folks might say it is a coincidence that an unknown Chinese brand has outsold legacy ones. But the HiPhi X is a hip luxury EV in China. It has held first place in the premium EV segment since December 2021, outselling Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. Moreover, in December 2021, a record amount of 919 units was sold. The key benefits of the HiPhi X are high technology, a nice comfy interior, and a futuristic look. As a result, many Chinese customers prefer to move about in the fashionable Chinese CUV but not in another German car. Luxurious is redefined now.

So we see that premium legacy brands have something to think about. The continuous reign of the HiPhi X in the segment is groundbreaking and shows how rapidly the situation in the Chinese market changes.

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What is HiPhi X?

We have spoken much about the HiPhi X, and now let’s get acquainted with it.

HiPhi Boutique

HiPhi is an electric vehicle brand under Human Horizons Technology, an electric vehicle company based in Shanghai established on August 21, 2017. Human Horizons designs and manufactures electric cars, autonomous driving technology, and related products and services.

The HiPhi X is a full-size electric CUV with 5200/2062/1618 mm dimensions and a wheelbase of 3150 mm. It has RWD and AWD versions in China. The first one has an output of 220kw (299hp) and 410Nm. As for the second one, the combined power of the two electric motors generates 440kw (598hp) and 820Nm. The huge HiPhi X can accelerate to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds with them on board. The battery capacity of the X is 97kWh, which allows it to run up to 550-630 km (NEDC). The starting price of the HiPhi X is 570,000 RMB (89,365 USD) while the top trim level costs 800,000 RMB (125,425 USD).

Source: Workercn, Sohu, Ofweek, Yiche, Lehuiche

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