Yudo Yuntu EV Launched – With In-Car Karaoke

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The Yudo Yuntu has been launched on the Chinese car market. The Yuntu is a five-door hatchback with a kind-of-cool design. The Yuntu name (云兔) refers to the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. The name means ‘Cloud Rabbit’.

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Yudo (云度, Yúndù, literally Cloudiness) is a brand owned by Yudo New Energy Automobile. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Putian city in Fujian province. Yudo sells only one car at the moment, the company was founded in 2015 and currently sells just one car; the Pi 1 Lite electric minicar. The new Yuntu is the brand’s second car. It is positioned above the Pi 1 Lite.

The design of the Yudo Yunto is fairly typical for the segment. But the company made it look a lot cooler by adding black wheel arches, black window frames, black roof rails, a large spoiler above the rear window, and sporty alloy wheels with the center in body color. It is a five-door five-seat car. Size is 4035/1736/1625, with a 2480-millimeter wheelbase.

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Buyers can get the Yuntu in five different colors. As so often with Chinese car makers, the colors have poetic names and poetic descriptions. The car in the photos is pink. But Yudo doesn’t call it just pink. They call it Sparse Shadow Pink (疏影粉). The description is (translated) “Agglomerated plum blossom fragrance floats to reveal freshness and elegance”.

If just color is not enough, Yudo will sell you a sticker. From the factory! Like in the 1980s. The stickers are mostly cartoon-themed. You can have any sticker with any color. Let’s stick with our Sparse Shadow Pink car, like the one on the top right. This sticker is called Rainbow Sweetheart. It shows a rainbow with a pink cat.

The Yuntu packs a lot of technology for the money. The operating system is called Amber OS. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 64-bit Octa-Core processor. The OS features over-the-air updates (OTA).

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The infotainment system comes with a 3D digital assistant called Mecha Rabbit (机甲兔). It is shaped like a robot rabbit without any legs. The driver can talk to Mecha Rabbit and order it to do all sorts of stuff, like opening the windows, turning up the volume, or tuning down the heater.

But the best thing has to be the optional Entertainment Set. It consists of two karaoke microphones, an extra subwoofer, and a game controller. Also included are apps for karaoke singing and playing various games. Yudo says (translated): “No matter how you sing with the built-in mixing microphone, you can sing impromptu anytime, anywhere.”

The interior with a two-spoke steering wheel with a flat bottom, flat faux-leather seats, and lots of cheap beige plastics. The interior colors are quite wild. The main color is the same as the exterior color, but Yudo also added a darker shade of pink.

Pink stitching on the steering wheel! The drive selector is mounted on the steering wheel column. We see that a lot in China recently, on both ICE and NEV cars.

The instrument panel is basic but the graphics are kind of racy.

In the middle is a large wireless charging pad, big enough for at least two smartphones.

Yudo is very creative with seat coloring, mixing Sparse Shadow Pink with darker pink.

The bench is wide enough for two adults and a kid in the middle.

The Yudo Yunto is a front-wheel drive car. The electric motor has an output of 95 hp and 165 Nm, good for a top speed of 130 kilometers per hour and a 0-50 of 4.2 seconds. Yudo offers two battery options: 32 kWh for a range of 320 kilometers CLTC or 41.7 kWh for a range of 415 kilometers.

The Yuntu has a racy diffuser and an F1-style fog light.

Mecha Rabbit is on the back as well.

Finally, time to talk about money. The 32 kWh model sells for 85,800 RMB (12,375 USD) and the 41.7 kWh model for 95,800 RMB (13,817 USD). That is a lot of car for the money, so I bet Yudo will sell a lot of them.

Images via Autohome and Yudo.

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