Denza N8 is an expensive BYD Tang sibling. To launch this year

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The Denza N8 is positioned as a new SUV from the high-end brand under BYD. But its official images have been revealed today, showing that it is just another version of the BYD Tang SUV. Previously, the Denza model line had a similar vehicle called “Denza X”. It didn’t sell well. Will Denza fall into the same trap?

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Why the Denza N8 is a disappointment?

Denza X

We will remind you that Denza was initially a joint venture between BYD and Mercedes-Benz. In this project, Mercedes-Benz worked on the cars’ styling, while BYD was responsible for tech and manufacturing. Its model line comprised some sedans and the Denza X SUV, based on the BYD Tang. Later, the German automaker distanced from the JV, reducing the share to 10%. After it, BYD began to develop vehicles independently.

The first vehicle from the “new era” was the D9 MPV. Later, the N7 SUV also made its debut. These two vehicles are totally new and aren’t based on other BYD vehicles. It looked like Denza began to really transform into an independent car brand with its own unique model line. But now, they have come up with another BYD Tang sibling, which is a bit disappointing.

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Denza N8 official images

The exterior design of the Denza N8 stays in line with the brand’s latest design language called “π-Motion”. Its front end got signature tang-like looking running lights and its overall exterior, body shape, and glass area are similar to the BYD Tang. Moreover, it is also quite similar to the Denza X SUV. Worth mentioning that the N8 will be available in two versions: BEV and PHEV. The all-electric version has a closed grille, while the PHEV one has a frameless grille.

The dimensions of the N8 weren’t unveiled. But we may guess that it will stay close to the BYD Tang in terms of size. They are 4870/1950/1725 mm with a wheelbase of 2820 mm. The Denza N8 will be available with 5, 6 and 7 seats.

It looks like the N8’s powertrain will also be similar to the BYD Tang. We will remind you that its all-electric version got two LFP battery options: for 90.3 kWh and 108.8 kWh. As for the power output, the FWD Tang has 228 or 245 hp, as for the 4WD configuration, it has up to 517 horses. The PHEV version of the BYD Tang has two options for 218 horses or 489 hp.

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Editor’s comment

The Denza N8 will hit the Chinese market this year. After the market debut, it will become the second sibling of the BYD Tang, after the BYD Frigate 07 that currently sells in China. It will be positioned above the BYD Tang and the BYD Frigate 07. We will also remind you that the previously launched Denza X wasn’t successful. It seemed like potential customers didn’t want to pay extra money for the same vehicle. For now, it looks like Denza is going to repeat its mistake and launch almost the same vehicle. The main reason for this step can be cost reduction. But it looks like the N8 won’t become the market success as well.

Source: Denza Weibo, Denza

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  1. The most important reason the Denza X failed was in my eyes the positioning in the market and being sold exclusively by Mercedes dealers. If it was sold at BYD dealers, had the chance to sit in both a Denza X and Tang, you would be tempted, since the car itself is on another level in both the interior and exterior. Positioning as the cheapest Benz or a luxurious BYD makes a big difference.


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