Denza N7

BYD Intelligent driving NOA system set for a pivotal upgrade in March

BYD announces a big upgrade to its Urban Navigation Assistance system in China.

Denza N7 offers 3,000 USD discount until the end of the month, now available from 38,600 USD

Denza sold over 12,000 units last month. The best-selling model was D9's PHEV version with an 82% share of of the sales. N7 was second with 15% share.

BYD’s Denza N7 all-electric SUV will be launched in an entry version with 540 km range

So far, the N7 accounts for 12.85% of Denza's sales and is ranked as the third-best-selling luxury pure electric SUV in China in August.

BYD’s Denza N7 driving review: Dual-charging SUV can cause violence at the charging station

BYD is moving upmarket, and Denza is its first premium brand.

BYD’s 5th million electric vehicle rolled off the production line in China

The first 1 million took BYD 13 years to produce. Last two million in just 9 months.

Denza N7 received 11,687 orders within 24 hours after its release

As a joint venture between BYD and Mercedes-Benz, Denza will deliver the N7 in mid-July. Next, Denza will launch another SUV Denza N8.

BYD’s Denza N7 electric SUV launched in China, price starts at 41,600 USD

Denza N7 offers two CLTC cruising ranges of 702 km and 630 km.

The Denza N7 electric SUV’s first mass-produced car rolls off the production line

The Denza N7 pure electric SUV may be officially released at the end of June and will be delivered in July.

BYD’s Denza N7 arrives at dealers in China, receives more than 20,000 blind orders so far

The Denza N7 will officially launch at the end of this month and will start delivery in July.

BYD’s Denza N7 to launch in June with vehicle-to-vehicle charging and Huawei’s HarmonyOS support

Deliveries will start later in July. Mercedes controls 10% share in Denza.