IM LS6 with 900V charging delivered 8,158 units in November

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IM LS6 is a Chinese Tesla Model X Plaid competitor whose top trim packs an output of 787 hp and can accelerate 0-100 km/h in 3.5 s. The electric crossover starts at 214,900 yuan (30,300 USD).

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IM (Innovation in Motion) is a new joint venture between state-owned SAIC, Alibaba, and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech founded in 2020. Its goal was to take on Tesla in China. It sells only BEVs and has three cars on the market: SUVs LS6 and LS7 and L7 sedan.

IM was unnoticed outside China until SAIC revealed that Audi aims to use the iO Origin platform that underpins their IM lineup. No wonder as IM focuses on performance and energy efficiency, which correlate with Audi’s values.

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The LS6 delivered 8,158 LS6 in November, up 125% from October. However, November was the first full month of sales for LS6, which started deliveries on October 12. IM delivered 8,703 EVs in November, up 116% from 4,018 in October. IM LS6 was responsible for 94% of IM sales.

The IM LS6 is a mid-size fastback SUV with dimensions of 4904/1988/1669 mm and a wheelbase of 2950 mm. The LS6’s drag coefficient is 0.237 Cd. It has a Tesla-like steering yoke, but a traditional wheel is also available.

Entry-level trim has a single motor with 314 hp and 450 Nm, suitable for 0-100 km/h acceleration in 5.9 seconds. It has a 500V platform, and power comes from a 71 kWh ternary NMC battery pack provided by CATL, providing a 560 km CLTC range. The price is 214,900 yuan (30,300 USD).

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The top trim level packs a 100 kWh battery for a 702 km range and two electric motors with 200 kW and 379 kW, respectively, providing a combined output of 579 kW (787 hp) and 800 Nm. The top speed is limited to 252km/h, but test drives showed the car can do 305 km/h.

It also features quasi-900V architecture with a maximum operating voltage of 875V and a peak charging power of 396 kW, so expect fast charging: LS6 can add 200 km in 5 minutes and 500 km in 15 minutes. The cells allow 3.75C charging.

A massive 26.3″ screen dominates the interior. It acts like a center screen and an instrument cluster. The LS6 also offers an optional screen for the front passenger with a diameter of 15.5″. And if it is not enough for you, IM placed one more touchscreen on the center tunel.

IM LS6 received about 28,000 orders as of November 13. We will keep an eye on December deliveries as they can be massive, considering the LS6 aggressive pricing and IM’s end-of-year sales push.

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