Avatr 07 from Changan, Huawei and CATL revealed in China

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Avatr 07 EREV crossover from Changan, CATL and Huawei was officially unveiled in China as a direct competitor of the Tesla Model Y. It was previously known by its code name Avatr 15. The 07 SUV will enter the market this year within a price range of 250,000 – 350,000 yuan (34,600 – 48,400 USD). Later, it will be also available in fully electric variant. 

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More on Avatr

Our regular readers know that Avatr is a joint venture between Changan and CATL. In this JV, the state-owned automaker owns 40%, and the world’s biggest battery manufacturer holds over 17%. The rest belongs to local investment funds. Huawei is also a part of Avatr project, but it isn’t a shareholder. Instead, Huawei acts as the key parts supplier. Worth noting that Avatr was initially launched in 2018 as a joint project between Changan and Nio. But later Nio distanced from the JV. 

Avatr 12 and Avatr 11 at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show

Avatr’s model line currently comprises two all-electric models: the 11 SUV and the 12 hatchback. However, this brand makes a transition into the EREV segment to increase the sales volume. And the Avatr 07 crossover will become the brand’s first range extender.

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Avatr 07 officially revealed

The Avatr 07 crossover follows the Avatr 2.0 design language. Its front end stays in line with the Avatr 12 hatchback thanks to two-layered LED running lights and headlights integrated into the front bumper. The Avatr 07 also has an active grille with an Avatr inscription. This SUV also has a LiDAR sensor on top of the roof. Previously, it was reported that Huawei supplies LiDARs to Avatr. 

The Avatr 07 adopts 265/45 R21 wheels with aerodynamic wheel covers. It also adopts retractable door handles, gray trim in the lower part of the body, and rearview cameras instead of traditional mirrors. From the back, the Avatr 07 adopts two thin taillight units and a rather modest rear spoiler. 

The dimensions of the Avatr 07 are 4825/1980/1620 mm with a wheelbase of 2940 mm. It is the smallest car in the Avatr line. However, it is still bigger than the Model Y. It is 75 mm longer, 59 mm wider, and 4 mm lower, to be precise. Inside, the Avatr 07 has five seats. Its interior was exposed in spy shots. It also stays in line with the Avatr 12 hatchback.

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The Avatr 07 will be available in both EREV and EV variants. Its range-extended version was previously spotted in China. Its price range is revealed to be around 250,000 – 350,000 yuan (34,600 – 48,400 USD). It will enter the market in Q3 this year. 

Source: Avatr

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    • Hi, aaa.
      Thank you for your comment. Do you think it is better to call Avatr 12 a sedan? But it hasn’t got a separated boot typical for sedans. Meanwhile, its body shape stays in line with the Porsche Panamera, which is in fact a hatchback. This is why I prefer to call the Avatr 12 a hatchback, not sedan or liftback, etc.

    • Hi, Helmeczi István! Thank you for the question. Avatr shared pictures on social media. The 07 will appear on the website later as it gets closer to launch.


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