Baojun Yep

GM’s Baojun Yep Plus revealed with five doors and 401km range

The Baojun Yep Plus was finally revealed with five doors, a 75-kW electric motors and 401 km of range. To launch in Q1 2024.

Baojun Yep Plus will launch with 5 doors and more power

The coolest Chinese EV will get bigger.

Baojun Yep considers introducing EREV model, enabling small ICE generator to be fitted after delivery

Pure EV range is 303 km CLTC. Fuel engine would add additional 80km of range.

SGMW’s Baojun Yep launched with a 35L frunk refrigerator in China

The coolest Chinese EV starts at 79,800 yuan (11,300 USD).

Baojun Yep electric SUV from GM, SAIC and Wuling to start from 11,885 USD in China

The Baojun Yep prices and specs were unveiled before the official launch. It has appeared to be cheaper than we thought.

GM-SAIC-Wuling made Baojun Yep’s interior unveiled in China

The Baojun Yep will hit the market in June this year with a price tag about of 14,000 USD. It has 68 hp and 303 km of range.

GM goes wild in China as SGMW unveils Baojun Yep with cool retro roof racks. To launch on May 25

On May 12, Baojun shared new pictures and specs of the Baojun Yep mini urban SUV on their official app. The images show Yep...

GM-SAIC-Wuling made Baojun Yep will have a pickup truck version

How about a pickup truck the size of Smart Forfour? Please welcome the Baojun Yep.

Baojun Yep unveiled an exterior LCD screen to share messages with other drivers

The coolest Chinese EV got even cooler. What could possibly go wrong.