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Hongqi (Red Flag)

ICE’s are not dead in China: Hongqi HS3 SUV hit the market for 20,300 USD

Top trim level is 2.0T AWD with 184 kW. Hongqi also has big expansion plans, and they already sell in Norway and Netherlands.

Hongqi’s cheapest luxury compact SUV HS3 pre-sale starts in China

HS3 will fill Hongqi's current product vacancy in the compact SUV market segment.

Hongqi E001 EV sedan with swappable battery and 800-km range spied in China

The Hongqi E001 has 619 hp, 800 km of range and a swappable battery. It will launch in China in November and later, it will enter Europe.

Hongqi QM7 is a luxurious bus with 23 seats and a V6 under the hood

The Hongqi QM7 luxury bus was spied in China. Spies were lucky enough to shoot its interior.

Hongqi E202 with 800V platform and swappable battery unveiled at Shanghai Auto Show

Power will come from CATL’s Qilin batteries.

Hongqi E001 with a swappable battery debuted in Shanghai, pre-orders started

Chinese Lincoln - Hongqi - previously announced it will expand to Europe.

Hongqi E001 sedan EV with battery swap spied on its way to Shanghai Auto Show

Its cruising range will be between 600 - 1,000 km. Single-motor rear-drive and dual-motor four-wheel drive will be offered.

Hongqi H6 sedan pre-sale starts in China at 28,300 USD, powers by 2.0T turbocharged direct injection engine

Contrary to Hongqi’s other models, the H6 specifically targets the young consumer groups.

FAW’s Hogqi H5 received a B rating from China Consumer Research and Testing Center

The Hongqi H5 has barely made it to get the grade B from the CCRT. Where did it fail?

New Photos Of The Hongqi HS6 SUV For China

Seven seat family car is almost 5 meter long and packs 252 HP.