Jetour Shanhai

Chery Jetour Shanhai T1 & T5 are new off-road SUVs for China

Jetour continues to roll out off-road SUVs after the Traveller and Shanhai T2.

Jetour Shanhai T2 plug-in hybrid SUV is rebadged Traveller C-DM

Shanhai T2 is positioned as a light off-road SUV. Its price starts at 25,500 USD.

Chery’s Jetour Shanhai L9 SUV launched in China with 1,100 km range, price starts at 23,000 USD

Shanhai L9 is priced at 23,000 USD. Within the next two years, Jetour's Shanhai new energy vehicle series plans to launch 8 new vehicles.

Chery’s Jetour Shanhai L9 SUV made its debut appearance in China

Shanhai L9 is the plug-in hybrid version of the Jetour X90 Plus SUV.

Chery’s Jetour Shanhai L6 is a new SUV for China, available in EV and PHEV

Shanhai is a brand new new-energy-vehicle series under Jetour.

Chery Jetour Shanhai L9 is a new PHEV SUV for China declared by Chinese MIIT

Shanhai will be a new hybrid vehicle series under Jetour as the brand is marching into the new energy vehicle market.