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Luxeed S7 EV sedan from Huawei and Chery has 496 hp and CATL’s battery

The Luxeed S7 has a CATL's ternary-LFP (NMC-LFP) battery, dual-motor 4WD for 496 hp and a body length over 5 meters.

Chery-Huawei’s Luxeed all-electric sedan coupe official images unveiled in China

Luxeed will be the first vehicle to be equipped with Huawei's HarmonyOS 4.0 in-vehicle operating system.

Luxeed sedan from Huawei and Chery officially presented. To launch this year

The Luxeed EH3 is a sedan coupe from Chery and Huawei was presented in China. It will debut soon with CATL's battery and HarmonyOS 4.