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NETA (Hozon Auto)

Hozon’s Neta S EREV version price dropped 11% to 26,150 USD

The Hozon's Neta S' cost dropped 11%. Will the starting price of 26,150 USD enhance its sales or it's too late?

New Photos Of The Neta E Electric Coupe In China

A Chinese electric coupe with 456 hp.

Neta E Electric Coupe Seen On The Street In China

The only electric four-seat coupe in the world.

Neta E Is A Pretty 456 HP Electric Coupe From China

The first electric 2+2, in the world?

Neta S Is A New Chinese Electric Sedan Set To Fight The Tesla Model 3

We got another Tesla killer from China for you. This is the final standard-production version of the new Neta S, a Chinese electric sedan...

Neta S Yaoshi Launched In China With 462HP And 650KM Range For 51,000 USD

The Neta S is the first sporty NEV sedan from Hozon Auto. Its special edition called 'Yaoshi' with scissors doors was launched today with...

Neta S With 1100 km Range Revealed At Auto Show In China

The Neta S is a sporty NEV sedan from Hozon Auto. It has a stunning appearance, EREV (range-extender), and EV versions. The Neta S...

Neta Expands Charging Network With Over 20,000 Free Chargers In China

Neta Auto reported it expanded the charging network with 2,410 free charging stations in 200 Chinese cities. The total number of free fast-chargers reached...

Neta S Official Images – Hozon’s Sporty EV Sedan from China

Hozon Auto has released more images and details of their upcoming NEV sedan, the Neta S, which looks stunning. First revealed in concept form at...

Hozon Auto NETA N01 Electric Crossover Unveiled In China

This little blue wonder is the NETA N01, a new small electric crossover for China. The NETA N01 will be launched on the Chinese...