NETA (Hozon Auto)

Hozon Neta starts cooperation with the largest European bank as the Chinese EV maker prepares for European market

The cooperation will include personal financing, car insurance, and other services.

Neta X all-electric compact SUV will launch on October 18 in China

The Neta X is based on the Neta U. The top speed is 150 km/h.

Neta X electric SUV reveals interior as it rolls off the production line in China. Sales to start soon

Neta X appeared to be a mid-term facelift of the Neta U-II. It will hit the market soon as its production started in China.

Hozon reveals concept drawings of its future SUV, Neta X

The manufacturer continues to work on its high-end product line

Neta Aya electric city car is ready for the deliveries. To launch in August

Neta Aya will launch on August 3 with 95 hp, 318 km of range and 4 meters in length. To rival Wuling Bingo and BYD Seagull.

New Neta S electric sedan has 1,075 km cruising range with CATL’s Qilin battery

Its coefficient of drag is as low as 0.216Cd.

Neta exports 4,000 vehicles overseas from China

From January to April this year, Neta V ranked second in the number of EV model registrations, surpassing Tesla, in the Thai market, with a market share of 16.5%.

Neta electric vehicle caught on fire while driving, not the first time in China

In February of this year, another Neta S spontaneously ignited while charging.

Hozon’s Neta S EREV version price dropped 11% to 26,150 USD

The Hozon's Neta S' cost dropped 11%. Will the starting price of 26,150 USD enhance its sales or it's too late?