Neta X electric SUV reveals interior as it rolls off the production line in China. Sales to start soon

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Neta officially revealed the interior of its new all-electric SUV called Neta X. It is a compact SUV that will become a replacement for the Neta U-II crossover. Previously, it was exposed by the Chinese regulator under the Neta U Max name. However, Neta decided to call this SUV just ‘X’. In fact, it isn’t a new model but a facelift of the current Neta U-II SUV. The Neta X has recently rolled off the production line in China. It means it is ready to start sales soon. Let’s get to know the X better.

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Briefly on Neta X

As mentioned, the Neta X was firstly exposed during the local homologation process as the Neta U Max. However, in September, Neta began promoting this vehicle under the name Neta X. Later, the governmental regulator revealed that the name of this vehicle was changed to Neta X as the car got the production permission.

The Neta X is a facelift of the Neta U-II crossover. It has an adjusted front end styling that continues the brand’s design philosophy called “Confidence”. In contrast to the Neta U-II, the X has thin LED running lights and the high beams integrated into the front bumper. It also has a relatively large trapeze-shaped grille in the lower part of the front end. From the back, the Neta X looks quite similar to the Neta U-II. In terms of sizing, the Neta X is a compact SUV with dimensions of 4619/1860/1628 mm and a wheelbase of 2770 mm. So, it is just 70 mm longer than the Neta U-II.

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On board, the Neta X has an LFP battery made by EVE Power, one of the biggest EV battery makers in China. It powers the electric motor from Ningbo Physis Technology for 120 kW (163 hp).

Neta X rolls off the production line, revealing interior

The Neta X started production in China, getting ready for the market launch. This information was disclosed by Zhang Yong, Neta Auto CEO. He has also shared the picture of the Neta X interior. Inside, the Neta X doesn’t look similar to the Neta U-II. The block of two screens was replaced with a large floating LCD monitor with a diameter of more than 13 inches. It also has a reworked steering wheel with three spokes. Behind the wheel sits the gear shifter and a small LCD instrument panel. As for the center tunnel, it has a wireless charging pad and a pair of cup holders. Worth mentioning that the interior of the X is finished in a brown-black color scheme.

All in all, the interior of this model looks quite trendy while twin screens slowly leave the Chinese market. Back to the Neta X, its production has started in China. It means that it will be soon available for purchase in the domestic market. As for the overseas markets, the Neta’s plans for this model weren’t disclosed. On the other hand, there was information that Neta plans to launch the Neta U-II internationally. Maybe, the facelifted version will follow its predecessor later.

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Neta EP-32

We need to underline that previously we thought that the Neta X name will be adopted by the Neta EP-32 SUV that undergoes road tests in China. In contrast with the Neta X, the EP-32 stands on the brand’s Shanhai platform that underpins the Neta S and Neta GT. It has an LFP battery from FinDreams (BYD’s subsidiary) on board with a capacity of 72.08 kWh. As for the power output, it reaches 170 kW (231 hp). The official name of this vehicle is unknown. However, we will keep an eye on it also, so stay tuned!

Source: MIIT, Weibo

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  1. It is difficult to understand the Chinese design-language. This new “Confidence” -design, make it look like 100 other Chinese brands.

    The U-II had ‘character’ – not ugly, perhaps not so “modern” according to the Chinese(?), but it was different from all others in a pleasant way. The arrangement of the front lights ‘stood out’ from the crowd.

    The problem with most Chinese cars – compared to European, is that the all look pretty much the same. How will they build brand-loyalty or preference? Look at Mercedes, BMW – they understand this. Well, my opinion at least.


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