Jidu Robo-01 Lunar Edition On The Tianjin Auto Show In China

Jidu aims for the moon with 544 hp.

Jidu Robo 1 Lunar Edition Is An Advanced New Chinese EV

Robo-01 goes to the moon with 544 hp.

Baidu’s Jidu ROBO-01 SUV revealed, equipped with two pop-up lidars

On June 8, Jidu's released its first car concept called ROBO-01. The new car is a crossover SUV and Jidu call it a 'robot...

Jidu Auto begins mass mold casting just days before unveiling the ROBO-01 concept

Xia Yipin, the CEO of Jidu Automobile has made an announcement related to the company’s car-making progress. Jidu's first mass-produced car has begun mass...