Roewe RX9

Roewe RX9 SUV Pre-Sale Starts In China At Less Than 29,200 USD

The RX9 will be powered by a 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine for 234 hp.

SAIC’s Roewe RX9 SUV Will Hit Chinese Market In Feb 2023

The RX9 is a new flagship SUV under the SAIC's Roewe brand. It will hit the Chinese market in Feb 2023 with triple screen and AWD.

Roewe Announces New Sedan & SUV For The Chinese Car Market

Roewe is as busy a bee as any serious Chinese car brand. Roewe currently sells no less than 21 models, but that is surely...

Roewe RX9 Is A New Seven-seat SUV For China

This is the Roewe RX9, a new seven-seat SUV for the Chinese car market. The RX9 is the new flagship of SAIC's Roewe brand....