Spotted in China: Shifeng Electric Car

Seen on da streets near my office, a yellow-ish Shifang electric car shaped like the Chery QQ which was shaped like the Chevrolet Matiz which was actually something Korean. The Shifang didn’t have a numberplate and stood at the same place for a week, gathering Beijing dust, until one day it suddenly had dissapeared.

Full name of the car is ‘Shifeng Diandongche’, 时风电动车, meaning Shifeng electric moving vehicle. Type is GD04B.

The Shifeng electric moving vehicle GD04B is made by the Shifeng Group, a company that also makes trucks, small trucks, tractors and combine harvesters. The GD04B is their first automobile. Strangely, according to Shifeng’s website, the price for the vehicle is “negotiable“.

Guess that is a mistake, machines like this usually cost around 5000-10.000 yuan. Sadly Shifeng does not specify real technical data, top speed so yet unknown.

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I would buy one of this. My every day cycle is not more than 20 miles so with this electric car I can actually save money and environment too.
I would like to know if there is any dealership in Europe.

Wimpie Oosthuizen

I am very interested in this vehicle and no there is no company in South Africa that distribute this product and is very interested in no what will the pricing be shipping included to RSA

vicky moller

I am interested in these for rural wales, is it easy/possible to get insurance, tax, does one have to get UK registration, what does this cost..
lots of questions.
If the rural population of china are going for them, they are probably ok. Lead acid battery of course, left hand drive..
any responses welcome on Vicky(at)