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Spotted in China: Gumpert Apollo S shakes up Beijing

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Here we have a very fine Gumpert Apollo Sport, seen in Beijing by my good friend and reader JC, thank you for the pics! The Gumpert Apollo arrived in China back in November last year but this is the first time we see one on the road. We heard there were some problems with getting it certified, a thing that hinders Gumpert in many other countries too.

Gumpert Apollo S China

But then, what do you expect when you make a race car for the road? No luxury in this machine, no fancy chrome or leather, no gold-painted badges or ugly stickers that other super car makers seem to like so much these days. The Apollo is a proper super car that can only do one thing: go like stink!

Gumpert Apollo S China

The Apollo S is powered by a heavily reworked Audi 4.2 V8 that poops out 700hp and 850nm, good for a 360km/h top speed, 0-100 is gone in 3.1 seconds, 0-200 in 9.1 seconds. A maniac monster like this doesn’t come cheap, price in China is 12 million yuan, or 1.88 million USD. Well, worth every cent…

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