Lamborghini Gallardo is Bling in China

Published on October 22, 2012 by W.E. Ning

Lamborghini Gallardo is Bling in China

Well, it is still Monday morning, time for more Bling! This is a chrome-wrapped Lamborghini Gallardo seen by reader Peter Xie in the great city of Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province. Unfortunately, the vehicle was parked in a garage and Peter was in a hurry so we only got one pic of this shiny Blingborghini©.

Fortunately we got many a more Gallardo: Reventon, crash, GZ8 Edizione Limitata, shiny-blue, matte-black & orange, water melon, red wheelsHK20, pink, matte-black, gold, pink,  another pink, lime-green, in gold, one purple, another purple, the official Gold Edition, and a Spyder Performante.

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