Infiniti FX45 is matte white & matte black in China

Infiniti FX45 is matte white & matte black in China

A very mad Infiniti FX45, Spotted in China at the Solana shopping mall in Beijing. The fine vehicle was wrapped in a matte white & black wrap, and further sexed up by a hefty body kit, a double wing on the back, tattoos on the C-pillar, tinted windows, tinted rear lights, white 6-spoke alloys, and a matte black roof rack.


The car was parked very close to a wall so I could not get the whole front on my iPhone. The grille was kinda creepy, empty and black, like a whale ready to eat plankton. Another tattoo in the racing stripe and a very low front wing.

The Infiniti FX is imported into China and therefore kinda expensive, price starts at 780.000 yuan and ends at 1.2 million yuan, but it might be made in China in the future, which will make it some 25% cheaper. Earlier on we met a matte black FX45, gold FX35 and an orange FX35. They all very good cars, but the Infiniti brand is virtually unknown. Lotta work to be done there! They can start by offering weird colors as standard, Chinese car buyers will love it.


Chromed door handles don’t really go with matte white. Otherwise a brilliant looking car. Check chrome around small side window, yez, that is art.

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