Beijing Auto BJ80 debuts on the Beijing Auto Show

Beijing Auto BJ80 debuts on the Beijing Auto Show

The mighty Beijing Auto BJ80 monster SUV debuted today on the Beijing Auto Show. The BJ80 is officially still a concept but a production version is on the way. The Beijing Auto BJ80 started life as a military vehicle designated Beijing Auto 80 VJ, and later on we saw a civilian version designated Beijing Auto B80V. The BJ80 is a souped up version of the civilian version with a hefty body kit and huge 21 inch alloys.


Earlier on we heard the civilian version would be powered by a 2.4 liter four-cylinder petrol engine with 143hp and 217nm, mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. However, Beijing Auto surprised on the show by claiming the BJ80 is actually powered by a “4.0 liter V8”, without giving any more specifications.


Interior updated compared with latest spy shots. Screen on top of the center console is new. Automatic gearbox here. Steering wheel looks tiny. Two-tone leather seats rather cool.


A huge spare for a huge car.


Whatever it has under the bonnet; it is an impressive bonnet. We will keep you posted on new developments…

6 thoughts on “Beijing Auto BJ80 debuts on the Beijing Auto Show”

  1. Hideous, vulgar, crass, dated, ham fisted rip-off of the Mercedes G Class. Completely undermines the good work being done with the Beijing passenger car range. I thought that the Chinese car makers had left this kind of lazy, crass brand destroying junk behind.

  2. do most of you even know that same company produce mercedes benz vehicles in china?!?! on same way they make older model of B class, this company if official mercedes benz partner in china, so i sure there is some kind agreement between them

  3. I find the Beijing Auto B80 the most pretty so far. And the one looking most alike the original.

    Btw. nothing wrong with copies as long as they have been not protected by law in China. And don’t forget this company cooperate with MB.

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