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Spy shots: Chery EQ EV in Ready for the China car market

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This is the new Chery EQ, a new full-electric vehicle based on the new Chery QQ. The Chery EQ will be launched on the China car market in the second half of this year. Power will come from an electric motor with a very decent 56hp. Price for the Chery EQ will start around 80.000 yuan but subsidies of central and local governments can bring that down to some 50.000 yuan.


No visible changes compared to the standard QQ. At the same time, Chery is also working on a electric variant of the Chery QQ3 Sport, and is still selling an electric variant of the good old Chery QQ3.


Blue alloys are optional for extra green-cool.

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  1. I wonder which kind of battery are used in this car to have a staring price of 80.000 rmb.
    I wish that Chery will not dare to use unqualified lead battery that represent the prehistory of the cells for EV. A modern EV should have a long range and competitive price. This is possible with the new technologies for EV battery that bring the cost down to 150 USd for 1 kw/h. If Chery is going to use this battery technology i think that their new EV will be successfull.

    • Marco, although Chery did use the lead acid battery in the QQ3 back in 2009, it seems they have switched to lithium ion, as seen in the S18 Faira and M1 models.
      I don’t know what they currently use in their hybrids.


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