Reader-visit to the still-not open Tesla store in Shanghai

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Our distinguished Reader Chiprdan lives near the still-not open Tesla store in the Pudong area in Shanghai and went for a short visit, thank you for the pictures! The building is a giant two-story structure in similar style to the Tesla service center I visited in Beijing. Construction seems completely finished with the glass walls protected by large white boards. Parked cars might indicate there is some activity going on inside.

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Green and red flowers form a friendly welcome. It seems these four cars are parked straight in front of what will be the main entrance of the building. Tesla currently only has one store in China, in the capital Beijing. The Shanghai store is supposed to be the second one but opening has been delayed several times. Tesla also plans stores in the cities of Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province and Sanya  in Hainan Province.


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On the same premises stands a supercharging-station with six charging points. Unlike the store, the station is actually open since about a month, but it looks very empty. Tesla also operates a service station in Shanghai, but that is located elsewhere in faraway Minhang District, which doesn’t seem to make much sense.

We saw the same thing in Beijing; a store without a service center or charging station, and a service center also without a charging station. It’s all kinda messy.


On another day a lone black Model S getting some juice, proof that the station is indeed operational. Interestingly, the vehicle has no license plates while Tesla owners in Shanghai can get plates for free. Maybe a new car.

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  1. Thank you for the updated about this first Tesla store/center in Shanghai.

    About the temporary plate; is there any limit/deadline someone can drive a car with that white paper temporary plate before switching to the regular plate?

    • I do not know about other provinces, but in Shanghai it’s 30 days for a new car. The license plate auction is once a month, so you should be covered until the next auction.

      As far as I know, you cannot extend the paper license.

  2. We got a 30-day extension on our Shanghai paper license last year, but it is common to see new cars driving here with no license plate because it can be hard to win at the license plate auction.

    I stopped by the Pudong Shanghai store on June 14, and there were 13 Teslas at the charging station that day. They were new cars, and most were on flatbeds:

    Although a guard stopped non-Teslas from parking around the supercharger (which is across the street from the dealership), the cars parked at the store looked like locals enjoying free parking to me.


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