Spotted in China: Bentley Continental GT Wald Black Bison Edition

Spotted in China: Bentley Continental GT Wald Black Bison Edition

A beautiful blue Bentley Continental GT Wald Black Bison Edition, Spotted in China in the great city of Chengdu by TFCSC. The Black Bison Edition a mad monster car based on the Bentley Continental GT, modified by the mad Japanese tuner Wald International.


The Black Bison Edition comes with a full body kit, side steps, modified bumpers, extra air vents, a trunk spoiler, lowered suspension, super fat exhaust pipes, and an extra large grille. The shiny green detailing on this particular car is likely an additional addition by the owner, it is not a part of the Black Bison package.


This Chengdu example is fitted with an all-red interior. Wald doesn’t change much inside for the base Black Bison, except for… new floor mats. But of course buyers can spec whatever they want, and Wald will build it, for a lotta money. Wald officially opened its doors in China last year but sales are yet slow. Before that some cars arrived via the gray market. We only have: S65 AMG Black Bison, and a C63 AMG Black Bison.


Green spoiler parts are hip.

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