The Lishidedidong Urban Supercar EV is NOT a Lamborghini in China

Published on March 10, 2015 by Tycho de Feijter

The Lishidedidong Urban Supercar EV is NOT a Lamborghini in China

This is the beautiful Lishededidong (li-she-de-di-dong) Urban Supercar, a sporty mini electric car from China. Design is a fuzzy mix of various Lamborghini’s, including the Aventador, the Gallardo, and especially the Asterion, which comes closest in concept. The latter however debuted in September last year, while the Urban Supercar has been around since late 2013. So who is copying who here..?


The Lishededidong Urban Supercar is aggressively styled, with sharp-cornering lines, large intakes under the bumper and on the rear fender, angry looking front lights, a sloping rear window for a tiger-like stance, four tiny rear lights, and a large oval-shaped exhaust pipe in true Lamborghini taste.


Babe doesn’t like the Urban Supercar too much, it seems. She is so wrong…

The Lishededidong Urban Supercar is manufactured by a company called Lishededidong New Energy Vehicle Industry (web), based in the great city of Yangzhou in Jiangsu Province. The company makes various mini and small electric cars, some based on existing cars, but mostly of their own design.


Development of the Urban Supercar was finalized in late 2013 and Lishidedidong and it went on sale sometime in mid 2014. The interior, just visible in the smaller pictures, comes with a black dashboard and sporty red seats. The Urban Supercar has a 2+2 seat-configuration, but we bet it won’t be very comfortable in the back.


Lamborghini doesn’t do anything electric. Lishededidong does.

Specs: the Urban Supercar is powered by a 72V electric motor with an output of 10 hp and five (5) nm. Battery is 42V/10Ah lead-acid. Top speed is a decent 80 kilometer per hour and range is 150 kilometer. Size: 3880/1650/1450, wheelbase is 2600 and curb weight 1200 kg. Max load is 400 kg. Price for all this pretty starts around 50.000 yuan ($7980), depending on exact specifications. Not extremely cheap, but much more exclusive than a Lambo.


This little pretty is called the Urban Elf. And I know how many of those fit on a flatbed trailer truck:



With many thanks to Erik @ ChineseCars.net for putting me on the trail of Lishidedidong.


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  1. dragn- March 11, 2015 Reply

    So far these LSEV-makers have been operating outside the law, having yet to be formally legitimized by any automotive industry related ministry.
    Seems that the words “new energy” and “electric vehicle” have shrouded them with immunity. But sooner or later they will have to be qualified legally, crash test standards and all…….

  2. marco loglio- March 11, 2015 Reply

    I don’t see anything pretty in this EV . The most terrible things is that they still use unsafe and obsolete lead battery that will stand optimistically for one year before to be exausted. We should educate people to make a right choice when it comes to EV.
    EV can only be powered by lithium battery. This is also the reason why the government dont give incentives to EV powered by lead battery. We should tell to the readers that for the same price are available in the market real excellent EV powered by lithium battery that can guarantee 10 year of safe use and stable performance. There is no any reason today to buy this crappy EVs, unless the driver does not posses a regular driving license…

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  6. bob- April 2, 2015 Reply


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