Electric Car runs out of Juice in China, needs dirty Tow Truck

Electric Car runs out of Juice in China, needs dirty Tow Truck

Electric cars are so good for the environment. Unless they run out of juice, and have to be shipped home by a tow truck, because there are no charging stations. This little white sucker was Spotted in China on the Fifth Ring Road in Beijing, on a smoggy summer’s day.


The little white car is an LSEV, or Low Speed Electric Vehicle. They are normally not allowed on the highway, but when they are pulled there is apparently no problem. This particular LSEV is a Kaishang F3 four-door hatchback.

Normally, electricity comes from a 12v100 lead-acid battery, powering a 1.6 hp electric motor. Max speed is 45 kilometer per hour. When we passed by we drove 80, the truck drove slightly slower, sixty or so, which means the K3 is going faster here than its top speed! How wild is the world of electric cars.

Range is 100 kilometer, it seats 3 in a 1 + 2 configuration, but the latter have to be really small. Size of the car: 2700/1250/1500, wheelbase is 1990, and weight is 450 kilo. They are dirt cheap, the new model of the K3 goes for 5800 yuan or 910 USD.

LSEV’s are rather rare in central Beijing due to all sorts of messy regulations, but they are quite common in the lawless lands outside the Fifth Ring Road. They seldom venture far from home because there are just no charging stations, anywhere. This little K likely got lost somehow and ended up empty.


Truck is a bitching Foton Aumark C 360, powered by a 2.8 liter four-cylinder diesel engine with an output of 148hp and 360nm. Can take care of a dozen K3 electric cars, and then some more! With a lotta fine smelling black smoke and squeaking pistons singing like angels…

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[…] Electric Car runs out of Juice in China, needs dirty Tow Truck […]

marco loglio

Tycho, sorry but there are a lot of non sense in your article. The small LS EVs run with different voltages but never less then 48 V and their max power rarely exceed the 4 Kw.
Better you chek again the real data of this cute EV. The problem of all these LSEVs is that they dont use the lithium battery that could quadruplicate the range, without increase much the final price. Only lithium battery of second generation can give a acceptable range to these EV, but looks that manufacturers ignore this very basic point.

marco loglio

so, to be correct, you should say that power comes from 4 pcs lead-acid battery 12 V 100 Ah…

marco loglio

Price of lithium battery is dropping and now, on such kind of battery pack, the difference will be just few hundreds RMB. With a lithium battery pack the users could enjoy a much longer cycle life and extended range.

erik van ingen schenau

You know, Marco, there are already a lot of LSEV factories offering LiOn versions of their Lead models. It is logical that the buyer will chose for the LiOn versions when the price gap is getting smaller and smaller. So the market will change automatically in a rather short time.