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Guangzhou Auto i-Lounge & EV Coupe concepts for the Guangzhou Auto Show

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Guangzhou Auto will show two new concept cars on the Guangzhou Auto Show, which starts on Friday. First up is the Trumpchi i-Lounge, a full-size MPV with a dramatic grille and a hefty body kit. The i-Lounge previews the Trumpchi GM5 MPV, scheduled to launch on the Chinese car market in late 2016.

The second concept is the Trumpchi EV Coupe, a sporty four-door coupe in BMW X4 style powered by an electric motor. Size-wise it seems close to the Trumpchi GS5 SUV. Guangzhou Auto hasn’t made any proper hybrid or EV yet, but the company is planning for change, and the EV Coupe might a first sign.

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