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Beijing Auto Senova EU260 EV debuts on the Guangzhou Auto Show in China

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The  Beijing Auto Senova EU260 EV debuted today on the Guangzhou Auto Show in China. The EU 260, formerly known as the EV300, is a new electric car for China based on the Senova D50 sedan. It comes with blue in the grille (blue = green), but looks otherwise exactly the same.

The EU260 is powered by an electric motor with an output of 136hp and 250nm, top speed is 140 kilometer per hour, 0-100 is gone in nine seconds, and range is a decent 260 kilometer. Curb weight is 1583 kilo. Charging takes 30 minutes for 80% battery on a fast charger. No claim for 220V.


The EU260 comes with a trendy touch screen that the D50 doesn’t have. It isn’t very big but it makes the point. Blue line reminds the passenger that he sits in a green car. The EU260 will be launched on the Chinese car market in Q1 2016. Price including subsidies will start around 120.000 yuan, making it a direct competitor of the Geely Emgrand EV.


The screen is blue, naturally.


EU260 badge on the top-left. EV badge on the bottom-left.


The new Beijing Auto Senova EU260 EV for China.

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  1. Looks that Beijing auto is working well with this new EV. Performance and prices are correct. From my point of view it coud be better , for this EV sedan cars to be a little more expensive but with longer range, at least 350 km per charge.

    • As long as there is an improvement of the drive quality from previous BAIC EV models, there’s a chance for BAIC to make some in-roads into the EV market, against established players like Tesla, BYD etc.


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