This Is The New Haval H2S SUV For China

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This is the new Haval H2S SUV. It will be positioned above the Haval H2 SUV. And just like every other new Haval it comes in two kinds: Red Label and Blue Label. The Blue Label is the sporty one aimed at young and hup buyers, whereas the Red Label is the normal one for normal people.

Confusingly, the blue car on the first photo is the H2S Red Label. The orange car on the next photo is the H2S Blue Label. They have a different grille and headlights but they are otherwise the same. Same engine, same interior. So these labels are a lot of marketing for not much.

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The Haval H2S Blue Label. And just now I was mistaken. There is of course another difference. The Red Label has red Haval badges on the grille and steering wheel, whereas the Blue Label has them blue.

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haval h2s-3

The H2S will have its public debut on the Guangzhou Auto Show later this month, and I will go there to have a good look at all this label madness. All these new cars with their various variations will put pressure on distribution and dealers.

There is a Haval dealer not far from my home. Their building is already too small to house every Haval car. Some are therefore parked outside in the open, on public parking lots! And it will only get worse. Haval is also working on a car called the F6, which looks like a bigger version of the H2S. The H6 comes in two labels and with a shorter i-version. And then there is another F6 on the way!

haval h2s-4

The H2S will be powered by a 1.5 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, good for 148hp and 210nm. Gearbox is a seven-speed DCT.

Size Red Label: 4195/1772/1638, and wheelbase is 2550.
Size Blue Label: 4174/1617/1638, and wheelbase is 2550.

The Haval H2S will hit the Chinese car market on November 18.

haval h2s-4a

There are no difference in the interior bar for the badges on the wheel. The two cars even had the same interior-color combination. The interior looks very nice. Red is always good, it has racy perforated pedals, a sporty steering wheel, a mid-sized touch screen, and a very trendy gear lever.

haval h2s-4b

Not much high tech here. Two analogue dials with a small TFT in between,

haval h2s-4c

The best part of the interior sits in front of the passenger. The vents have been made invisible by shaping the whole dashboard like… a vent! Brilliant work and very creative. The floating center tunnel-stack also looks great.

haval h2s-4ca


haval h2s-4d

The gear level is ultra cool. Somewhat retro and very modern at the same time. The button for the parking brake sits atop the lever. Sadly, the panel around the lever looks a tad too cheap.

haval h2s-4e

The 8 inch touch screen.

haval h2s-5

There are a few differences at the rear as well. The lights and bumpers have a different shape, and the Blue Label has a chrome strip between the lights.

haval h2s-6

Subtle differences here and there. But it is hard too see why someone young would choose the Red Label over the Blue Label, or someone normal the Blue Label over the Red Label. They are just too similar to be different.

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  1. The exterior does not look as well-designed as its predecessors. The Quality of the Materials have dropped. Wonder what went through the heads of Haval’s design team.


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