JMC Yuhu Pickup Truck Is Getting The Stormtrooper Treatment In China

JMC Yuhu Pickup Truck Is Getting The Stormtrooper Treatment In China

This is the brilliant new JMC Yuhu pickup truck, set to hit the Chinese car market in the second half of the year. It looks incredible badass in this matte white paint and with its Stormtrooper face. They like Star Wars down at the Jiangling Motor Corporation; they are also working on a storm-trooped minivan.


A Stormtrooper.


JMC has been experimenting with its new look since April 2015 when they debuted this ultra mad Yuhu concept car. Sadly, the wheels didn’t make it to production.


This is the current Yuhu pickup truck, better known abroad under its export name ‘Tiger’.

Price starts at 97.800 yuan and ends at 137.800 yuan. Engines: 122hp 2.4 turbo diesel, and a 136hp 2.4 petrol. The latter is sourced from Mitsubishi, the famous 46G9 Sirius that powers so many cheap Chinese SUVs and pickup trucks. The engine is made locally at the Shenyang-Mitsubishi engine-making joint venture.


It looks brilliant in matte brown too! It seems at this moment that the new Yuhu will no longer be available with the 46G9. The only engine available will be the 2.4 turbo diesel, now with 140hp. Gearbox is a five-speed manual. Base versions get rear-wheel drive, top versions get four-wheel drive.

Size: 5375/1905/1835, and wheelbase is 3085.


3M tape is obligatory on any pickup truck in China, no exceptions.


This is the base version. It has different lights, grille, and a slightly less scary face. But! :::


You can also get the Stromtrooper version without the bed, with a bare rear chassis, so you can…


… build an interstellar laser gun on it. The galaxy got to get ready for war!

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Glad to see entirely original designs coming out of China.

Now if it is as beefy as it knows, it might actually be competitive internationally