Li Auto L9 SUV Official Images Released In China

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Just a few hours after the group of people on a bus spied the Li Auto L9 without camouflage on a mountain road, Li Auto shared official images of this SUV. The L9 got a very futuristic and minimalistic design. It will debut at the Beijing Auto Show in April 2022.

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From the front, the Li Auto L9 has split headlights with a long-running light unit. High beams are located lower in the car’s bumper. The grille of the Li Auto L9 is small and is in the lowest part of the front end. The closed grille makes L9 look like a pure EV, but it is REEV. The only detail that disturbs the smooth appearance of this SUV is a lidar on top of the roof. But safety and autonomous driving are first.

The range-extender power train consists of a 1.5-liter four-cylinder direct-injection turbocharged gasoline engine with Miller-cycle combustion. Li Auto claims a thermal efficiency of 40%. This engine is mated to an electric-drive motor and a 44.5kWh battery pack. System output is 408 hp and 600 Nm, good for a 0-100 in just under 6 seconds. The purely electric range is 200 kilometers CLTC. Fuel tank capacity is 65 liters, and the combined range is 1200 kilometers.

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From the side, the Li Auto L9 got classy SUV proportions with some features like pop-out door handles or chrome elements. The L9 has a rear spoiler which adds a sporty look to this SUV. And again, the lidar looks oddly and blocky from the side of the car.  

From the rear, the Li Auto L9 got a long taillight unit. It goes all the way through the trunk. We know the L9 has got a brake light on the spoiler from the teaser images. The fine detail of the L9 is the wiper. It is hidden under the spoiler.

A Few Li Auto L9 Facts

The Li Auto L9 is a Chinese full-size range-extender SUV. It will debut at the Beijing Auto Show in April 2022. Li Auto L9 is 5200/1998/1800 mm with a wheelbase of 3105 mm. According to Chinese media, it will be available with 6 and 7 seat configurations. From the interior pics we have, we see only six seats, so we can’t confirm – 7 seats is just speculation for now.

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The price of this vehicle lies between 450,000-500,000 RMB (70,700-78,600 USD).

Li Auto shared official images of the L9’s interior recently. It got three giant 15.7-inch screens, a HUD, and other exciting details. Also, there is no traditional dashboard panel on the L9. The stereo system looks pretty cool with speakers high on the A-pillar. In total, it has 21 speakers with a power of 2160W. Its six seats are heated, electronically adjusted, and come with massage functions. It seems Li Auto is serious about the premium feeling of its second flagship. The car should debut in Bejing next month, and we will keep an eye on it.

Source: Li Auto Weibo

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    • Quite an Xpeng, it seams tu use quite everything that the Xpeng G9 has, except the Xopera 5, it is a sort of Xopera 4 only and it does not have a very efficient XNGP autonoous driving system, unfortunately… Please request Li and Xpeng to collaborate better with BYD to generalize the excellent technologies they have independantly of the design… The Xpeng SEPA2.0 chassis will allow this from now on, so all chinese car producers and even others (Vinfast, …) should benefit of this and help them do even better… Any car need to be as perfect as possble, no bad car should be produced in China, in order to make coworkers and robots happy of the achieved job, and allow salary increases but with same or even less fees for users, which should be more numerous, sparing any wasting on ancient american and chinese brands which blocked EJFJ humano-normed Reforms… The BMW X9 was not realized since 2003, China did better, but still not with thermical hydrogen motorization… Improvements are still possible…


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