Li Auto L9

Li Auto joins the price war, offering a 1,400 USD subsidy for the whole lineup

Li Auto will subsidize car insurance for the customers who make orders August 30th-September 30th as the range extender maker celebrates L-series deliveries passing 250,000 deliveries in a year.

Li Auto L9 Pro EREV SUV launched in China for 59,860 USD. Price sliced 6.5%

The Li Auto L9 Pro with 449 hp, 1315 km of range and AD Pro driving assistance system launched in China. Price sliced 6.5%.

Li Auto L9 scores five stars in C-NCAP crash test

The Li Auto L9 appeared to be one of the safest Chinese SUVs, according to the C-NCAP assessment program, scoring five stars in crash test.

Li L9 ADAS system detected ‘ghosts’ near a cemetery in China

The Li L9 perception hardware includes one forward 128-line LiDAR, six 8-megapixel cameras, five 2-megapixel cameras, one forward millimeter wave radar, and twelve ultrasonic sensors.

Nio ET5 made the 10 Best Cars list in Xuanyuan Award, the Oscars for Chinese automakers

ET5 also won the Special Award for Interior design.

Li Auto sets new record by delivering 15,034 cars in November 2022

Li Auto achieved a new record in deliveries

Li L9 Rolls Off Production Line, Deliveries To Exceed 10,000 Units By September

On August 18, Li Auto announced that its flagship SUV, the Li L9 has rolled off the production line from its Changzhou factory, and...

Li L9 SUV Driving Review: 1100km EREV Destined to be a Bestseller in China

Not too long ago I traveled down to Shenzhen to poke around the brand new Li Auto L9. I recorded & wrote a preview...

Li Auto L9 Preview – Best Premium Family Car?

The Li Auto ONE has been nothing less than a sales success amongst the numerous Chinese NEV start-ups. Where NIO, Xpeng & others have...

Li Auto L9 EREV SUV Launched In China For 68,700 USD

The Li Auto L9 was launched in China with 449 hp and 180 km of pure-electric WLTC range. It’s available for a reservation for...