Changan Shenlan C385 latest spy shots without camouflage

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Here we have a set of spy shots of Changan Shenlan pure electric sedan C385 without camouflage. The car has a distinctive blue color, which looks more pretty than the Tesla Model 3 on the side.

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Changan Shenlan (长安深蓝) is a new brand under Changan New Energy, itself a subsidiary of Changan Auto. The new Chinese EV brand was announced on April 13. The C385 is the first model based on Changan’s new electric platform, EPA1. And it will be available in pure electric and hybrid versions. In addition, Changan will build five new models based on platform EPA0 and platform EPA1, of which the model codenamed A158 will be officially released in March-April 2022.

As we can see from the photos, it has split headlight clusters, a sharp nose, and a slightly collapsed front hood in the middle, which looks very sporty. The height of the front end is significantly lower than that of the Model 3, giving it a more low-slung feel.

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The size of Changan Shenlan C385 is 4820/1890/1480mm, and the wheelbase reaches 2900mm. The size of the Tesla Model 3 is 4694/18501443mm, and the wheelbase is 2875mm.

The sporty lines of the sizeable slinky coupe are significantly longer and more spacious than those of the Model 3. Elements such as frameless doors, hidden door handles, and unique A and C pillar trim look great.

The suspended rear wing with a high-class light strip, the central cocked detailing, and the protruding rear bumper show a cool sense of design.

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But the new car’s LOGO is still covered up, even though it has been equipped with production parts.

Changan Shenlan C385 VS Tesla Model 3

It is worth mentioning that the C385 has an extremely low drag with a Cd of only 0.23, which is on par with the Tesla Model 3. What is the use of such low wind resistance? Indeed, it doesn’t help at low speeds, but when the vehicle reaches 120km/h, air resistance will account for about 70% of the total drag. So the low drag will surely help to improve the range.

The price of the Tesla Model 3 starts at 300,000 yuan and ranges from 668km (NEDC). The C385 will have a minimum of 500km and a maximum of 700 km NEDC, ranging from 200,000 to 300,000 yuan. So there is very little difference between them.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Tesla Model 3 (standard range version) has an electric consumption of 12.6 kWh/100km and the
Changan Shenlan C385 has an electric consumption of 12.3 kWh/100km.

Meanwhile, the C385 also has good power performance, with a power output of 190kW/320Nm surpassing most electric cars in its class and a net saying of 0-100km/h acceleration time of 5.9 seconds.What’s more, the C385 has pulse heating technology to improve the car’s condition in winter.

So, it seems that the C385 does have excellent performance and is very surprising. Some people believe that the dominant players in the Chinese new energy vehicle market will be Chinese brands. In my opinion, the Changan Shenlan C385 is good enough to be in the first tier of new energy brands, but it still try hard under the fierce competition. Perhaps looking for overseas markets is good. The C385 will be officially announced in the second quarter of 2022, competing with the Tesla Model 3, ARCFOX αs, IM L7, NIO ET5, and BYD Seal.

Source: weibo

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  1. Hope more Chinese EV companies would EXPAND overseas. China market is becoming “Congested” and quick deployment of Mid and lower Price EV will benefit those who venture out First. Else Legacy ICE manufacturers will “Catch” up . Thus diluting EV dominance with Reasonable prices and Good Quality.

    • You are right. More and more EV companies are emerging, with highly competitive in the Chinese market. Chinese Auto Giant like Geely,BYD,GAIC,GWM,Chery ,Changan all have done a lot in exporting new energy vehicles to the European market. Expanding overseas maybe is right, but there will be kinds of problems like laws and regulations, clients preferences, localisation,etc. Under the International tensions and coronavirus impact, Chinese Automakers won’t have a good time for years to come.


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