Nio ET7 received a B rating from China Consumer Research and Testing Center

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Recently, China Automotive Consumer Research and Testing Center (CCRT) tested the Nio ET7 sedan and awarded it with a B rating (85.8% overall score). CCRT is a consumer protection organization established under China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC).

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The tested model was ET7 with a 75 kWh battery. There are five segments CCRT focuses on, and each is awarded 0-100 points.

  • Passenger comfort
  • Energy saving & Environmental protection
  • Drivers assistants (ADAS)
  • Driving performance
  • Perceived quality
A score between 80 – 88 points out of 100 is awarded a B rating.

Let’s have a look at how ET7 performed in each of those tests.

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Passenger comfort

ET7 received 86.3/100 points (grade B) in passenger comfort. This test considers the noise in the car, electromagnetic protection, interior air quality and fluctuation. Worth mentioning that in the testing of internal noise, ET7 got full 100/100 points – when traveling 60km/h, the noise level is about 50.8 dB. This result ranks in the top 20% of all models CCRT ever tested.

Nio ET7 passenger comfort compared with the industry average in 2021. The first column is interior air quality, the second is interior noise, and the third is electromagnetic protection. Source: CCRT

Energy saving & Environmental protection

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For Energy saving & Environmental protection, ET7 received 85 points overall. This segment consists of two tests. The first is power consumption under CATC (China automotive test cycle – CLTC is part of it) – ET7 received the full 100 points there.

The second test focuses on the driving range at low temperatures – ET7 received 70 points. According to test results, under normal temperatures (23±3°C), the driving range was 577 km, and with low temperatures (-7±3°C), the driving range dropped to 313 km. The tested car had a 75 kWh battery.

Among the five tested segments, this is the only one where ET7 is below the average of all tested cars. The reason is most likely the unsatisfactory performance in low temperatures.

Driver’s assistance

ET7 got 87 points. The overall score is calculated base on four variables:

  • Driving assistance: 99 points
  • Parking assist: 92 points
  • Collision avoidance: 84 points
    • this consists of simulated dangerous situations, pedestrian crossing, and traffic accident prevention
  • Driver interaction 52 points
    • driver monitoring and system prompts

Driving performance

ET7 got 87 points overall. During the performance testing, the car reached the highest score in terms of acceleration (93 points) and the lowest in comfort (84 points). For braking performance, it got 86 points, and the car’s stability got 90 points.

ET7 accelerated 0-100km/h in 3.78 seconds during the tests. Braking on a dry surface from 100km/h to 0 took 42 meters. On a wet surface, CCRT measured it took 28 meters to slow down from 80km/h to 20km/h.

Perceived quality

ET7 got 84 points in terms of perceived quality. It considers car smart functions, reliability, build-in quality, vehicle price, and satisfaction with the battery, motor, and electronic controls.

Nio ET7 started deliveries in China in March 2022 and in December 2022 in some European countries. In Europe, it won several awards in a short time, especially Golden Steering Wheel in Germany and Car of the Year in Sweden. In Germany, ET7 75 kWh costs 81,900 EUR, and in China, it costs about 62,000 EUR.

As far as I remember, CCRT never awarded a car with an A rating. Closest to it was HiPhi X, who missed an A rating by 0,1 points as the Human Horizons EV reached 87.9 points. BYD Seal (Atto 4) also got a great score and missed an A rating by 0.9 points as the car reached 87.1 points.

Contrary to this, Tesla Model 3 scored a C rating with only 79,3/100 points.

Tesla Model 3 scored 79.3/100 points in CCRT testing

CCRT does testing Chinese automotive products since 2018 and follows strict guidelines. For example, the tested car is always bought anonymously at a random dealer with the agency’s money – so no gifts from the PR team, favors, or unlimited free leases, as you can see recently with many car reviewers. CCRT only tested models launched within a year and reached monthly average sales of over 3000 units.

Nio ET7 75 kWh reached 85,8/100 points and was rewarded by B rating from CCRT
Nio ET7 overall rating based on CCRT testing

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  1. Thank you Jiri . This is a very informative and eye-opening article.
    Am looking forward to seeing more coverage of startup products being measured against these CCRT/CATARC standards.
    Chinese consumers deserve this kind of transparency, when they are laying out so much money for a car.
    I’m disappointed to see so little expose’ by China JD Power, and others (if there are any), in such a huge market like China’s.


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