BYD Destroyer 07 sedan spied in China. It is based on the BYD Han

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The BYD Destroyer 07 was spied in China during road tests. It will become the third vehicle in the BYD’s Warship line. Basically, the Destroyer 07 is a mid-size PHEV sedan. Let’s get to know it better.

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Dynasty series cars

Before we get started, let’s talk about BYD’s series situation. Currently, BYD has two main series called Dynasty and Ocean. The first one comprises some well-known vehicles like Tang, Han, Yuan Plus (Atto 3), etc.

As for the Ocean series, it was launched in 2022. This series is divided into two separate groups. The first one comprises all electric vehicles, including Seagull, Dolphin, Seal and upcoming Sea Lion. As for the second group, it is called “Warship Series”. It comprises only PHEV vehicles, aimed at young buyers. Currently, it comprises Destroyer 05 and Frigate 07 (Corvette 07). BYD currently develops two more vehicles for the Warship Series. The first one is the Frigate 05 SUV, and the second one is the Destroyer 07 sedan.

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More about the Destroyer 07

If we will look closer at the Warship Series’ cars, we will realize that all of them stand on the Dynasty Series’ vehicles. For example, the Destroyer 05 is based on the Qin DM-i sedan, the Frigate 07 is based on the BYD Tang, and the upcoming Frigate 05 stays close to the current BYD Song. So they aren’t really new cars, but redesigned Dynasty series vehicles. With this said, we can assume that the Destroyer 07 is based on the BYD Han sedan.

From the front, we can see that the BYD Destroyer 07 has the signature headlights of the Ocean series, firstly adopted by the Seal sedan. Under the headlights, we can notice a large frameless grille with integrated LED units. We can also underline that the front bumper has a pretty big air intake. From the side, the Destroyer 07’s appearance stays close to the BYD Han. It has the same slopped roofline, retractable door handles, and the ducktail spoiler.

From the rear, we can see a single taillight unit that looks close to the BYD Seal’s one. It has an interesting gauntlet shape with lots of integrated LED elements. Aside from the taillight unit, the Destroyer 07’s rear end looks basic. Its dimensions have yet to be revealed. But since it is the BYD Han based car, its size isn’t a mystery. The Destroyer 07’s length, width and height can be 4975/1910/1495 mm with a wheelbase of 2920 mm.

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BYD Destroyer 07 interior and powertrain

The interior of the Destroyer 07 has a three-spoke D-shaped steering wheel, a rotatable 15.6-inch screen, and the center tunnel with a monostable gear selector and a hidden compartment. Its door cards have chrome-plated trim and oval-shaped door handles, borrowed from the Seal.

As for the powertrain, it can be adopted from the Han sedan as well. It can be equipped with a DM-i system with a 1.5-liter turbocharged ICE for 139 hp and an electric motor for 218 horses. As for the battery, it can be available in two LFP options. The first one’s capacity reaches 18.3 kWh for 101 km of the WLTC range. And the second one is a 37.5-kWh battery for 206 km of WLTC range. The Destroyer 07 will be launched later this year.

Editor’s comment

As mentioned, the BYD’s Warship Series is aimed at young buyers. Their main feature is a sporty exterior with big grilles and sharp lines. However, except for bold design, this series’ vehicles offer nothing special. So customers just don’t know the reason to pick Warship cars over the Dynasty vehicles. And we can trace it by analyzing the sales data. In March 2023, BYD sold 40,850 Qin sedans. On the other hand, they have managed to sell only 3,911 Destroyer 05 sedans. So, the upcoming Destroyer 07 can be outsold by the Han.

Source: Weibo, BYD Weibo

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