BYD Seagull

Test Drive | BYD Seagull is not only affordable but fun to drive

The BYD Seagull is Dr Who's Tardis on wheels: not only is it small on the outside but big in the inside, it is also loaded with tech.

BYD Seagull safety and cold weather performance

Report gives details about the crash safety and cold weather performance of BYD best-selling Seagull car.

2024 BYD Dolphin Mini (Seagull) starts at 9,700 USD in China

"Lamborghini-mini" Honor Edition starts at 69,800 yuan

BYD Seagull arrives in South America for 20,000 USD as Dolphin Mini

It took BYD only 9 months since China launch to take Seagull overseas.

BYD Seagull gains momentum, selling 34,841 EVs in August, up 24% from July

Seagull launched only four months ago in April. BYD Dolphin sold 32,745 units in August while BYD Seal 5,700.

BYD Seagull hits the market for 10,700 USD, 6% less than what was announced last week

The price war continues in China; even hot&budget cars are not omitted. It's basically a 5000 yuan discount before deliveries even start.

BYD Seagull electric hatchback got 10,000 orders in 24 hours

After BYD released the Seagull, announced prices and opened bookings on April 18th, many consumers ordered this car.

BYD Seagull launched, starting at 11,400 USD

BYD Seagull offers two versions, 305km, and 405km. Both of them are built on e-platform 3.0 and equipped with BYD LFP batteries.

BYD Seagull interior revealed ahead of April 18 launch

The hottest EV in China will launch next week for $11,600.

BYD Seagull arrived at dealer in China. Sales are about to start

The BYD Seagull was spotted at the Shenzhen dealer in China. Its sales will soon start in China with a starting price of 11,600 USD.