Warship series

BYD Destroyer 07 sedan spied in China. It is based on the BYD Han

The Destroyer 07 is a Han-based sedan with a DM-i PHEV system. It will hit the market this year.

BYD Frigate 05 Spotted In China. BYD Song Sibling For Young Audience

The BYD Frigate 05 was spotted in China with a huge rotatable screen and headlights, similar to the BYD Seal. To debut this year.

BYD Corvette 07 SUV Arrived At Dealers In China, Price Starts At 32,000 USD

YD Corvette is a PHEV and offers two versions: DM-i and DM-p. Its cruising range is as high as 1200 km.

BYD Destroyer 07 PHEV Sedan With Rotatable Screen Spied In China

The BYD Destroyer 07 is a mid-size PHEV sedan equipped with a giant floating screen. Its first spy shots have leaked online in China.

BYD Corvette 07 SUV Unveiled On The Chengdu Auto Show In China

The BYD Corvette 07 was unveiled on the 2022 Chengdu Auto Show in China. The Corvette 07 is a medium-sized SUV, part of BYD's...

BYD Corvette 07 PHEV SUV Officially Revealed In China. To Debut This Week

Today, BYD shared official images of the Corvette 07 (Frigate 07). It is a D-SUV that belongs to the BYD’s Warship Series. It will make its...

BYD Corvette 05 Spied In China With Huge Rotatable Screen

The BYD Corvette (Frigate) 05 was spied in China. It will become a third vehicle in BYD’s Warship series that comprises PHEVs aimed at young customers....

BYD Corvette 07 Interior Exposed With Huge Rotatable Screen In China

The BYD Corvette 07 (also known as Frigate 07) is a PHEV SUV, based on the X Dream concept car, shown in 2021. Its interior was exposed in China with...

BYD Corvette 07 PHEV SUV Spied In China

BYD Corvette 07 was spied testing in China. This PHEV SUV belongs to the new BYD Warship series. The Corvette 07 can run up to 200 km...