Xpeng reportedly works on a 5.5-meter SUV the size of Cadillac Escalade

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Xpeng Motors’ internal documents leaked, revealing it is working on a 5.5-meter-long flagship model. It will be assembled at the Guangzhou plant with an annual production volume of 10,000 units. This is most likely the Xpeng’s new SUV. Regarding size, it stays in line with the Cadillac Escalade. Let’s get to know it better.

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Xpeng’s model line currently comprises six models: P5 and P7i sedans, G3i, G6 and G9 crossovers, and X9 MPV. This startup has recently received a 700 million USD investment from Volkswagen. These companies will jointly develop two Volkswagen-branded models on Xpeng’s E/E platform by 2026. In 2023, Xpeng’s cumulative sales in China reached 121,486 units. Its current bestseller is the G6 fastback SUV that stands on the SEPA 2.0 architecture. Taking note of the growing demand for huge high-end SUVs, Xpeng prepares to launch a new product.

Xpeng flagship SUV explained

According to leaked internal documents, Xpeng will manufacture an unrevealed model at its Guangzhou plant. The exact dimensions of this mysterious vehicle were exposed at 5450/2300/2050 mm. For clarity, it is 68 mm longer, 241 mm wider, and 102 mm higher than the Cadillac Escalade.

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Xpeng G9 SUV

The body type of this vehicle wasn’t stated. There are three options. The first one is obviously an SUV. Launching of huge off-roaders became trendy among Chinese automakers. BYD launched the YangWang U8, and Dongfeng started selling the M-Hero 917. Xpeng can join them with its new beast. But there are two more options. This model can become an MPV bigger than the recently presented X9 multi-purpose vehicle.

The third option is the most intriguing one. It can appear to be the Xpeng’s modular flying car that was unveiled in October this year. It consists of a land carrier and a flying body. The carrier is huge, with six wheels and an EREV (range extender) powertrain. However, several facts are against this theory. The main reason is the production volume of 10,000 units per year. Xpeng wants to make a decent amount of these vehicles. It will be tough for them to sell 10,000 pricy modular flying vehicles annually. Even a vast Chinese market isn’t ready for it.

We predict that this model will be Xpeng’s new SUV that will try to shake the market shortly.

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Other Xpeng’s plans

We will remind you that Xpeng has also invested 270 million USD in developing two new models that will be produced in the Zhaoqing plant. One is the E29 coupe that hit the production line in October 2024. Moreover, Xpeng has a third manufacturing plant in Wuhan. These facilities have a production capacity of 420,000 units per year.

Previously, Xpeng had ambitious plans to launch six more models by 2025. One of them is the Xpeng X9 MPV. Other models include the F57 mid-size sedan, the F61 compact SUV, the E39 (Xpeng G7), the E29 coupe, and the F59 compact sedan.

Source: Weibo

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  1. Xpeng people, if you’re reading this: please make an ID Buzz alternative instead of another SUV monstrosity.

    See the fully charged episode: the alternative to pointless SUVs.


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