Spotted in China: Hafei Baili HFJ7090

Hafei Baili HFJ7090

A nowadays very rare Hafei Baili HFJ7090, seen on a parking lot in the Fangzhuang area in Beijing and looking very well for its age. The Baili is a child of Harbin Hafei Motor, since 2009 a subsidiary of Chang’an Automotive but in the Baili-days still under Harbin Aircraft Industry, a military-aircraft maker from the great city of Harbin in ice-cold Heilongjiang province.

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Spy Shots: new Hafei Saibao testing in China

Hafei Saibao

These are the very first spy shots of the new Hafei Saibao sedan, it will debut at the Beijing Auto Show in April. Hafei Automobile is since 2009 a part of Chang’an Automotive, Chang’an will use the Saibao’s platform for their upcoming E30 EV.

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