Rising Auto

SAIC’s Rising Auto joined price war in China. Rising F7 price sliced by 2,750 USD

Rising Auto F7’s price tag range was cut by 2,750 USD. You can buy this liftback with a battery subscription service for 18,770 USD.

Rising Auto F7 from SAIC launched in China with swappable batteries. Starts at 30,500 USD

The Rising F7 got up to 544 hp, 666 km of range and a 0,206-Cd drag coefficient.

Rising Auto F7 Pre-Sale Starts In China At 41,300 USD With Swappable Batteries And 666km Range

The F7 is available in 600 km & 666 km cruising ranges and battery swap & non-battery-swap options.

2023 Rising Auto R7 Electric SUV With Battery-Swap Launched In China

Rising Auto claims that a single battery replacement only takes 2 and a half minutes!

Rising Auto R7 Is Real At The Auto Show With Swappable Battery And 544 HP

Rising Auto unveiled the R7 EV SUV coupe at the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Auto Show in China. Its main features are a swappable battery, 544...