Smart #3

Geely-Mercedes’s Smart #3 started deliveries in China only 20 days following the launch

China speed at its best. Also #3 top trim has 422 HP.

Geely-Mercedes venture launched Smart #3 EV in China. Starts at 29,700 USD, 555 km range

Smart #3 is coming to Europe in 2024. Top trim level have acceleration 0-100km/h in 3.6 seconds.

Smart #3 EV arrived at the dealer in China, European launch set for the beginning of 2024

Smart is a brand owned by Mercedes and Geely. Mercedes takes care of the exterior and interior design, and Geely about manufacturing and tech.

Smart #3 Spied In The Wild In China. To Launch This Year

The Smart #3 spied in China during road tests. Let's get acquainted with it.

Smart #3 Unveiled In China With 428 hp And 4WD

The Smart #3 is real in China with 428 horses, all-wheel drive, and the body length of 4.4 meters. Let's get to know it better.