Tank 400

PHEV Great Wall Motor Tank 400 Hi4-T gets an upgrade

GWM Tank 400 Hi4-T gets new Miller Cycle engine for better fuel economy. 2024 car also gains better human machine interface.

Tank 400 Hi4-T SUV from Great Wall Motor launched in China with 408 hp. Price starts at 38,300 USD

Tank 400 Hi4-T is an off-road PHEV beast with two differential locks.

Great Wall Motor Tank 400 Hi4-T PHEV to enter the market on September 25

Tank 400 Hi4-T is the third car in GWM's Tank series.

Great Wall Motor’s Tank 400 Hi4-T started pre-sales. Price starts at 39,100 USD

Tank 400 Hi4-T from GWM has hit pre-sales in China with 408 hp, AWD, 105 km of electric range and a starting price of 39,100 USD.

The off-road Tank 400 debut at Chengdu Motor Show [Photos]

Tank 400 Series SUV debuted at Chengdu Motor Show as a concept car. Tank is a high-end SUV brand under Great Wall Motors (GWM),...