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Green light for electric car plates in Beijing

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Those who urgently need to buy a car in Beijing may consider buying a Battery only Electric Vehicle (BEV).Beijing has given green light to BEVs, and individuals buying them will receive a license plate immediately, Beijing Daily reported.

In an effort to promote the use of electric cars, Beijinghas issued a policy that states that the purchase of BEVs will not be limited, and owners will not have to go through the license plate lottery, according to Beijing authorities.

BEVs will, however, still have to obey traffic restriction rules based on the last digit of the license plate number. Besides having no purchase limits, owners of BEVs will each enjoy a maximum subsidy of 120,000 ($18,800) yuan.

Due to their low carbon output, BEVs are considered by insiders to have good prospects, but they are much more expensive than ordinary automobiles. A BEV costs 150,000 ($23,500) to 200,000 yuan more than petrol cars, for two reasons: the limited scale of BEV production; and components and parts are rare and expensive.

Via: ChinaDaily.

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