A smiling Schoolbus from China

Published on September 5, 2012 by Tycho de Feijter

A smiling Schoolbus from China

This is the Kunding KWD6618QCXC from China, a new happy schoolbus from Sichuan Kunding Automobile. I met this great vehicle today at an exhibition in Urumqi in Xinjiang Province and it did make me happy. Brilliant design here; a smiling grille, two eyes and even a small nose in da form of the Kunding logo. Kunding calls it the ‘Laughing QQ’, refering to the Chery QQ, which has a similar kinda face.

A smiling Schoolbus from China

The Kunding KWD6618QCXC is based on a chassis from Dongfeng Automotive, but the body is all designed by Kunding itself. Many smaller Chinese busmakers use Dongfeng chassis’ as their base for development. Power comes from a Dongfeng 4-cylinder diesel engine, good for 115hp @ 3200nm. Top speed is only 80 kilometers per hour, which sound surprisingly low until you see the weight of this thing: 7300 kilo! Size: 6100/2180/2750, wheelbase is 2820. This Kunding bus fits in a long line of new Chinese schoolbuses, like the Kinglong Smart School Bus and the FAW ‘Domestic American Schoolbus’.

A smiling Schoolbus from China

Dongfeng-logo on the steering wheel. Very manual gearbox. Hard plastic materials. This indeed, is China! It seats 21 students plus one driver plus one teacher. I asked the booth-persons for the price, they didn’t wanna say. Then I shared cigarettes and a number came up; 150.000 yuan, or 23.000 USD. A bit on the expensive side but sure it was before the real negotiations started…

A smiling Schoolbus from China

Back a bit too messy for my taste, delete some stickers and things might look better…


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  1. dragin- September 5, 2012 Reply

    Very cute. But after recent accidents, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon in a bid to turn out school buses. The back window has the characters for “safety” but just how crashworthy is this bus? And who’s developing and enforcing the standards? When the kids are at risk we actually welcome Big Brother’s input.

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