Porsche 911 is shiny blue in China

Published on January 29, 2013 by Tycho de Feijter

Porsche 911 is shiny blue in China

If the sky over Beijing was this blue for only one day a year nobody would complain about smog anymore. Sadly, it won’t happen because this shiny blue Porsche 911 lives all the way down south in the great city of Fuzhou in Fujian Provine. Perfectly wrapped over the bumpers and mirrors but we get really happy from the pink touches and black alloys. This Porsche is a great combination of things.

We got only one picture of this blue beauty. So, some more: baby blue991 Turbo prototype, 911 Turbo S, 993 Carrera RS, pink cabrio, matte black, : matte black 911 GT3, 964 911 RS America, yellow 964 911, pink 996, shiny blue, orange, Edition 918 Spyder, matte-blackpink, ugly body kit, gold, and the China-only Anniversary Edition.

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