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Spotted in China: Cadillac Fleetwood in Brown

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Spotted in China: Cadillac Fleetwood in Brown

An almost perfect Cadillac Fleetwood in brown with a bit of black, seen in the great city of Shanghai by reader Chiprdan, thank you for the pictures! New tires do the old Caddy a surprisingly lotta sporty good. Not quite race car, but fast for a Caddy. Complicated-to-make-and-to-clean alloys are period, and they need a good clean-up to shine again.


Wadda beauty! The 8th generation Cadillac Fleetwood was made from 1993 until 1996 and was powered by a 260hp 5.7 liter V8. An icon of the 1990’s indeed, showing a brilliant car doesn’t need too much power to shine; the Fleetwood was all about ‘class’ which it had by the boatloads. Come with that today with those childish 500+ horsepower Cadillacs, which are ugly to the max and have no idea what the are, trying to look and be like a BMW, therewith forgetting the brand’s heritage completely…

We have seen more than a many old Caddy’s and related automobiles around. Here is our collection: Buick Roadmaster Limited, Fleetwood Brougham in black, wedding carblue, Buick Roadmaster, super stretched, Fleetwood Brougham and another black Fleetwood.

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  1. Not as beautiful as the Alfa Romeo 166 on its right!
    how did he miss that? it wasn’t imported in china as far as i know and even the italian consul in shanghai had only an Alfa 147…

  2. Alfa Romeo 166 ?????? Baka
    I’ts a shit ALFA ,really and Fiat two
    Really I m french and I know what alfa its very bad car .


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